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ITGC Assessment

You have implemented SAP.  However, you are not sure if all controls are in place to ensure there are no revenue leakages or control gaps.  We shall perform a controls assessment (Financial and ITGC assessment).  Financial controls would include R2R, P2P and O2C controls whereas ITGC would include your IT Change management, Application Security, Interface controls, among others.  Where this is not covered as a part of your audit scope or you wish to get an independent assessment done before your auditors come in, we can help you with a detailed assessment on these lines.

ITGC Audits

ITGC audits may form part of an overall IFC control when the organization depends upon ERP controls for its financial processes.

Where the need is to perform an ITGC audit (whether or not linked with IFC) we perform a detailed ITGC audit covering all aspects of Application Security, Change management and Interface controls.

RCM (Risk and Control Matrix)

RCM is a matrix that maps out the risks of your organization and the controls used to address those risks. Imagine it as a two-dimensional grid, with risks along the vertical axis and controls along the horizontal.  Each identified risk shall have a control owner who shall be responsible for addressing that the control is effective.  We shall help you document your RCM.

SOD (Segregation of Duties)

While SOD check is one of the evaluations of an ITGC assessment or audit, where the need is to perform a comprehensive exercise of evaluating your organization’s functions and understand if there are SOD conflicts, we shall perform that assessment for you and ensure that you have SOD compliant processes.

GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) implementation

While GRC is a very wide terms, we help organizations implement GRC.  This is a holistic solution for implementing a better control framework.  GRC helps proactively address the need for appropriate Segregation of duties while creating frameworks for mitigating controls.  This helps ensure that organizations implement these controls in a compliant manner.  This further strengthens audit compliance.

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