Risk and Uncertainty: Teachings of Pandemic

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Risk and Uncertainty: Teachings of Pandemic

Risk and Uncertainty: Teachings of Pandemic The New Normal By - CS Shivani Vashistha

William Lowrance defined safety as: “a thing is safe if its risks are judged to be acceptable.”

In this Pandemic we all talked about how the government failed to control the pandemic, we all talked about how important it is to get vaccinated and how the lack of availability of vaccines was big trouble, and many other things.

Alongside it is very important to understand the Risk and Uncertainty of this pandemic, and it is very important to share the learnings from this pandemic because doing so will help motivate others as well.

Talking about Risk and Uncertainty, despite scientific and technological powers and all the resources at our disposal, the Covid-19 has majorly affected our normal lives and crippled our economy.

The first and the most important thing is the need to be safe and healthy.

This Pandemic has thought us to be Clean, Healthy, and Safe. Unhygienic activities are a call for risk and trouble so always stay Hygienic.

Pandemic has taken so many lives and we have also experienced the loss of our loved ones, so this uncertainty of Life has thought us how important it is to keep our loved ones close and have a healthy relationship. No matter what has happened in the past it is good to forget and forgive and keep our loved ones close.

All those who are working from home have a very less social life and especially people who live alone are mentally troubled with loneliness. Pandemic has also affected the mental health of people, so it is suggestive to keep the mind occupied with positive thoughts instead of cribbing about the situation, how to keep the Mind Healthy?

Well, it’s easy if practiced, Keep the mind occupied by doing things you love the most, learn new things which will keep the excitement going, have conversations with people around you as much as possible, ring up your close ones, and have a healthy conversation it helps them and also helps you to stay positive and motivated.

Remember the mantra, “Keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts”.

The major effect this pandemic has cost is in the education system, kids are asked to stay at home and attend online classes, technology must indeed be adopted with our daily life, but it is also necessary to teach children the life apart technology, we all know that technology is both a boon and a curse, so it is important to understand the proper and efficient use of technology. When in school kids mingle, learn, and play together which helps them learn many basic etiquettes which is the foundation of a good attitude. But due to the online classes, the possibilities of kids learning all these is very less. So, it is important to give them the basic knowledge that technology fails to give.

And many parents have trouble understanding how online classes work, so if there are people around you who face such difficulties help them out. I have experienced this problem with a neighbor and helping them made me feel good and this also helps your mind to have positive thoughts you do remember the mantra, right?

The common problem around is the lack of education about the vaccine, people have false information about the effects of the vaccine and end up not getting vaccinated. The root for false information is the false messages circulating on social media platforms, so share good information which helps people understand the importance of vaccination.

To conclude, many people around us require help, helping others in need not be in monetary terms help can be given in many other ways like, providing food, basic requirements during the pandemic (Sanitizers, masks, sanitary, etc.), providing moral support is most helpful than we can imagine, educate people around you whenever possible, feed animals who have no shelter, keeping your surroundings clean and many other ways. Look around and you will find many people who need help. Help them.

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day” – Sally Koch

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CS Shivani Vashistha

Company Secretary, Sharma & Pagaria, Chartered Accountants, Bengaluru

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